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To help improve the health of community members by helping to reduce the barriers that prevent people from being healthy by: Working with people/groups to partner in ways to improve health; Exploring local, state, federal policies to promote health equity; Offering evidence-based information as it relates to health, to community members to help improve health practices and practice environments. 


TheCEO  is blessed to be able to serve communities by focusing on the barriers that keep people from being healthy. The organization was founded in 2015 by Roderick B. Hadnot, a Registered Nurse, with a passion for community health. Start health, the organizations functional name at the time, focused efforts on hosting health fairs, providing health videos through the Start Health TV Network (SHTN) on YouTube, CNA Education (certified nurse's aide education), men's health education and improving nursing education.  The name was changed in 2020 to The Rev. C.H. and Beatrice Jackson-Copes Center For Education And Opportunity to help reflect diversity and inclusion initiatives and to honor the memory of the grandparents of Mr. Hadnot. The organization took on the name TheCEO for functional purposes

TheCEO continues to focus on the same programs and health related items; and has since added a focus on sports safety for youth and a 3 layered focus called The Star Program, focusing on promoting Health Sciences as a career for men of color.

We pray for continued guidance and support


           from START HEALTH




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